Dead to the World (Single)

by Windsor Diets

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released December 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Windsor Diets Fargo, North Dakota

Windsor Diets is an acoustic project from Mike Hansen of Pass the Flask.

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Track Name: Dead to the World (Single)
Pour me up another,
Double whiskey sour
This one isn't doing the trick.
I can still feel the thoughts
Flow threw my head.
I need them to stop,
So I raise my glass to a wasted life.

These demons won’t go away.
So I drown away the pain until I can barely stand,
Or remember your name, you were a symbol
For everything I could of had, I threw it all away.

Driving down these city streets, I avoid the
Alley where we used to meet at the end of your shift.
This town is a festering reminder
Of days left in the past, I wish they’d come back.

My thoughts go numb.
They’re just a causality of the war.
That’s raging in my mind.
I need my memories to die.

I just want to forget.

These demons have started to fade,
Thanks to the medicine I use to self medicate.
I hate that you wanted me to change,
I hate hate it more that I threw it all away.